Corporate Information

TAKADA WORKS CO., LTD. is a manufacturer specialized in switches and manufactures various types of equipment for assuring safety so that communication facilities, airports, hospitals, railroads, and computer systems are not interrupted by power failures.

Demands for our products have increased, not only from the domestic market, but also from the overseas market, especially those in the Asian sector.

Company name TAKADA WORKS CO., LTD.
Location Head quarter

6-1-10 Hon-komagome, Bunkyo-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 113-0021

Phone: 81-(03) 3946-2566
Fax: 81-(03) 3946-2557

Hanno factory

980 Iwasawa, Hanno-shi,
Saitama-ken, Japan 357-0023

Phone: 81-(042) 972-2550
Fax: 81-(042) 972-2773

Establishment October 5, 1919
Date of Establishment May 5, 1950
Main banks Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Komagome Branch
The Bank of Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ, Ltd., Oji Branch
Representative President Masayuki Takada
Description of business Design, manufacture and sale of various switches, power supplies, battery chargers and DC contractors
Main products HYBRID transfer switch/Electronic switch/transfer switch, etc./various types of power supply unit/battery charger/DC contractor
Management concept Global expansion of the company, pursuit of happiness of employees and contribution to the society
Business policy We are working toward company building energetically and globally in the electric/electronic industry. We have a high regard for people, meet the needs of the society (customers) and provide high-quality technology, quality and service.
Quality policy
  1. Assure quality from the viewpoint of customers.
  2. Establish and maintain a quality system aiming at assuring that all products are conforming.
  3. Assure quality with all employees.
  4. Improve essentially by investigating true causes.
  5. Create and maintain QMS that meets the Quality Management Requirements.
Applicable standard: CCC
Environmental declaration TAKADA WORKS CO., LTD. recognizes global environment conservation as one of the most critical issues for people and makes a strenuous effort to reduce load on the environment all out.
Applicable standard: KES